Custom Menus 5 Days a Week For Your Family at Special Savings. Order One Day in Advance!

We’re offering a creative weekly menu of family meals, created for parties of 2 or 4. The freshest proteins and produce, served “family size” for just $40 for 2 people, or $80 for 4 people.

Each day, the menu changes … see below!


Daily Family Meal Menus

We work with fresh proteins and products every day. Vegetables usually include zucchini, yellow squash, asparagus, shishito peppers, potatoes and carrots. This varies daily, based on what we find that is freshest and healthiest for you.

Full Dinner for 2……….Just $ 40
Full Dinner for 4……….Just $ 80

NOTE: These are large meals with larger ounces of protein with fresh greens and grilled vegetables. Don’t be surprised if you have leftovers.

Monday + Tuesdays: Closed. Order for the week!

Wednesday’s Menu: Wood-Grilled Pork Chop (12 ounce pork chop, 1 per person) + organic green salad + mixed grilled veggies.

Thursday’s Menu: Herb -Marinated Wood-Grilled Chicken Breast (12 ounce chicken breast, 1 per person) +  organic green salad + mixed grilled veggies.

Friday’s Menu: Wood-Grilled Salmon (16 ounces for 2 people or 32 ounces for 4) +  organic green salad + mixed grilled veggies.

Saturday’s Menu: Wood-Grilled Petit Tender Steak (12 once steak, 1 per person) +  organic green salad + mixed grilled veggies

Sunday’s Menu: Herb-Marinated Wood-Grilled Shrimp 1 pound (dinner x 2), or 2 pounds (dinner x 4) +  organic green salad + mixed grilled veggies

VEGETARIAN OPTION: Replace the “Protein” for a “Jumbo Portobello Mushroom.” Indicate preference in the confirmation page under “Special Instructions.”

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Available daily Wednesday – Sunday. Orders accepted until 8 pm


​6 Empanadas……….$ 18
12 Empanadas……….$36

Silver rum, lightly Jamaica aged rum, fresh juices and dark rum float over shaved ice 16 oz ~ $12

Silver rum, dark rum, pineapple and orange juices, dash of grenadine, served with fresh mint 16 oz ~ $12

Breezy coconut rum, fresh pineapple juice, Blue Curaçao and Hawaiian shaved ice 16 oz ~ $12

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Pick your order up at our kitchen door behind the restaurant between 5 pm and 8 pm. Tips are very much appreciated.
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